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FlowBreeze Adds Value Stream Mapping

FlowBreeze now includes Value Stream Mapping tools. FlowBreeze has two tools that simplify creating Value Stream Maps - the VSM Template Generator and the VSM Symbols task pane. The VSM tools augment the existing text-to-flowchart capabilities of FlowBreeze, and are an added feature for no extra cost - an extremely good value. Plus, FlowBreeze is a Microsoft Excel add-in, so the resulting diagrams can be viewed by and shared with anyone who uses Excel.

VSM Template Generator

The template generator is a way to kick start diagrams by allowing you to make re-usable Excel template files with the base outline on a value stream map. You can set a standard title bar, and add base elements, including supplier, customer, production control, process blocks, and data timelines. Below is an example of a value stream mapping outline created with the template generator.

basic VSM template

VSM Symbols Task Pane

The task pane, shown below, allows you to add symbols two ways: 1) Selecting the symbol, entering shape-specific data, then clicking Add Shape, or 2) by simply doubling-clicking the symbol. Symbols are added to the worksheet in the currently selected cell.

VSM task pane

Available Value Stream Mapping Symbols

  • Process
  • U-Cell
  • Operator
  • Factory (Customer / Supplier)
  • Production Control
  • Schedule
  • Go See
  • Shipment Arrow
  • Push Arrow
  • Manual Information Arrow
  • Electronic Information
  • FIFO lane
  • Load Leveling
  • Kaizen Burst
  • Production Kanban
  • Batch Production Kanban
  • Withdrawal Kanban
  • Batch Withdrawal Kanban
  • Kanban Post
  • Supermarket
  • Buffer
  • Inventory
  • Signal Kanban
  • Physical Pull
  • Sequenced Pull
  • Pull Arrow 1
  • Pull Arrow 2
  • Pull Arrow 3
  • Pull Arrow 4
  • Truck
  • Forklift
  • Airplane
  • Boat
  • Non Value-Added Time
  • Value Added Time
  • Timeline Total
  • Data Table

For more information, visit the FlowBreeze Value Stream Mapping product page. Or, you can go to the product page and download a free trial today.