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Excel Date Operations

Spreadspeed offers the following tools to format, convert, and generate dates.

Change All Date Formats

This tool allows to to change all the date formats in a worksheet or selected range. You can select the format, date separator, and localization.

Change Date Format Screenshot

Change Date Format

Convert Text to Date Format

If you import content from another source, such as a CSV file or web page, it's common that Excel will not recognize dates. Instead, Excel will sometimes treat them as plain text. This tool works like the Change All Date Formats tool, except that it will read in the date strings and replace each cell's content with a date value in your specified format.

Convert Text to Date Screenshot

Convert Text to Date

Fill a Range with Random Dates

This tool will fill a range of cells with randomly generated date values. You can choose the beginning and ending dates, the distribution type (uniform or normal), and the date format.

Fill Random Dates Screenshot

Fill Random Dates

Numeric Operations | Date Operations | Data Tools