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Advanced Trim Tool

In addition to standard leading and trailing space trimming, the Advanced Trim tool allows you to trim based on a set of criteria.

Form Fields

  • Trim leading and trim trailing: You can trim one or both with the following options:
  • White space: spaces, tabs, or hidden new line characters.
  • Number of characters: Specify a fixed number of characters to trim.
  • Before / after characters: Specify one or more characters to trim before.
  • Inclusive / Exclusive: When trimming before or after specific characters, inclusive will trim the specified characters and exclusive will not.
  • Numbers: Trim any leading or trailing numeric characters.
  • Letters: Trim any leading or trailing letter characters.
  • Non-alphanumeric: Trim any leading or trailing characters that are not letters or numbers.
  • Trim all excess white space: Trims double spaces, tabs, or new line characters in the middle of the text.