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Cell Errors Report

The Cell Errors report scans all the cells in each sheet of the workbook and lists any cells that have the following Excel error codes:

  • xlEvaluateToError: Evaluates to an error value (#DIV!, #NULL, #N/A).
  • xlEmptyCellReferences: Formula refers to empty cells.
  • xlOmittedCells: Formula omits a cell for a region.
  • xlInconsistentFormula: Contains an inconsistent formula for a region.
  • xlInconsistentListFormula: Contains an inconsistent formula for a list.
  • xlUnlockedFormulaCells: Formula cell is unlocked.
  • xlTextDate: Contains a text date with 2 digit years.
  • xlNumberAsText: Cell contains a number stored as text.
  • xlListDataValidation: Cell contains a list validation error.


  • Cells with the error codes xlOmittedCells and xlEmptyCellReferences typically also return the xlEvaluateToError code.
  • Locating cells with the inconsistent formula error codes (xlInconsistentFormula and xlInconsistentListFormula) will find some inconsistent formulas, but it is is not a robust method for locating them all. Formulas replaced with values will not show up as errors, nor will altered formulas in the last cell in a row or column. Using the Find Inconsistent Formulas tool on a specified range is a better method, and the Visual Audit tool is also useful for locating values in a range of formulas.


This is one of the reports that can be run individually or through the Master Audit Report.