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Convert Text to Date

Converts textual date strings into Excel date values. This is commonly needed when data is imported from non-Excel sources and the dates are not recognized as such by Excel.

Form Fields

  • Range: Select the range to convert. (This field is preset with the selected range when the form is opened.)
  • Output format: A dropdown list of common date formats.
  • Date separator: choose from dash, slash, dot, or space ("-", "/", ".", or " ").
  • Use localized day and month names: Uses the built-in Excel localized names based on your system settings.


  • If the selected range contains entries that are already recognized by excel as dates, this tool will not attempt to convert them and change their format. You will need to use the Change Date Formats tool for changing existing date entries.
  • See Date Formats for a full listing of the date format codes