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Descriptive Statistics

Given a range of values, the Descriptive Statistics tool will create a listing of the Mean, Standard Error, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Sample Variance, Kurtosis, Skew, Range, Minimum, Maximum, Sum, Count, and Confidence Interval.

Form Fields

  • Input range: Select the range to generate the statistics for. (This field is preset with the selected range when the form is opened.)
  • Output cell: The location where the stats will be placed.
  • Select statistics: A checked list showing the type of statistics available. Check those that you want to include in the output.
  • Function type: Excel 2010 introduced .S and .P versions of some statistical functions, which base the calculations on whether the input data represent as sample or the entire population. (For Excel 2007 users, this option is unavailable and defaults to the legacy versions of the VAR and STDEV formulas.)
  • Confidence level: Set the confidence level.
  • Distribution type: Select whether the confidence level is based on a Normal distribution or a Student's t distribution. (For Excel 2007 users, this options is unavailable and defaults to Normal).
  • Add labels next to output: If checked, will add a label to the left of each descriptive stat. If your output cell is in column A, then no labels can be generated.
  • Save workbook: See Close and Re-Open Workbook for details.