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Concatenate Rows

Concatenate Rows is a row merging tool with a few added options.

Form Fields

  • Input range: Allows you to set the range to concatenate (it will initially contain the range selected prior to opening the form). Each column in the selected range is concatenated separately.
  • Output range: The first cell where the row of results will be output.
  • Delimiter: Optional characters that will be placed between cell content.
  • Enclose content in quotes: If checked, the content of each cell will be quoted. This is useful if concatenating with a comma delimiter and any of the cell content contains commas.
  • Reverse concatenation order: If checked, the range will be joined from bottom to top. For example, if the input range is A1:A3, then the concatenation will be A3 + A2 + A1 instead of A1 + A2 + A3.
  • Trim text before joining: Trims any excess spaces from the from or end of the cell content before concatenating them.
  • Save workbook before processing: See Close and Re-Open Workbook for details.


Merging numeric cells without a delimiter will create a numeric output, not a textual combination of the values.