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Selectively Clear Formats

The Selectively Clear Formats tool is a quick way to clear the format options in a range without clearing all the formatting.

Form Fields

  • Range: Select the range to fill. (This field is preset with the selected range when the form is opened.)
  • Borders: If checked, all borders will be removed.
  • Fill color: If checked, cell fill colors will be reverted to "No fill".
  • Font styles: If checked, the font is reset to the Excel default font and font size. Other styles, such as bold, underline, strike-through, and italic, will also be reset.
  • Number and date formats: If checked, resets the number format to "General". Warning: Any dates will be displayed as a number.
  • Text alignment: If checked, text alignment is reverted to its default (left aligned for text and right aligned for numbers).