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Split Single Row into Multiple Rows

Split Single Row into Multiple Rows will split a single row into an array based on a set of criteria.

Form Fields

  • Input range: Allows you to set the row to split. The range must be a single row.
  • Output location: The first cell where the results will be output.
  • Split every X cells: Splits the column at regular intervals based on X.
  • Split by criteria:
  • On cell / after cell: If on cell is selected, then the cell matching the criteria is placed in the first row of the next column. If after cell is selected, the cell matching is the last cell of the current column and the split occurs on the next cell.
  • Data type: Split on cells containing text, numbers, dates, or blank cells.
  • Number value: Splits on cells containing numbers <, <=, = , >=, or > than the matching number.
  • Text match: the text match can be on the entire cell content or it can partial match based on wildcards or a regular expression. case sensitivity is optional.