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The Subtotals tool is similar to the built-in Subtotals feature in Excel but it has a few significant differences (improvements). The Spreadspeed Subtotals tool, instead of grouping the original data, will extract the data from the existing range and place the output in any location that you specify. Also, the Spreadspeed Subtotals tool does not need recognizable headings and can operate on any range.

Form Fields

  • My data has headers: If checked, the items listed in the "Apply function to" field will be listed by their header names, otherwise column letters are used.
  • Input Range: Select the range to perform the subtotals on. (This field is preset with the selected range when the form is opened.)
  • Output cell: The location where the output will be placed.
  • For each change in: Select the column that identifies subgroups.
  • Use function: Select from the following list of operations.
  • Sum
  • Count
  • Average
  • Min
  • Max
  • Product
  • Count Numbers
  • StdDev
  • StdDevp
  • Var
  • Varp
  • Apply function to: Check the columns that you want the specified function applied to.
  • Sort by change column: If checked, it will sort the data by the column selected in the "For each change in" field.
  • Ignore hidden cells: If checked, any values in hidden rows within the input range will be excluded from the calculations.
  • Output results as: Select formulas or values.