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The Xplorer tool lets you easily navigate to different sheets and objects within open workbooks.

Form Fields

  • Select workbook: Select a workbook from the list to view its contents.
  • Select sheet or sheet item: This field will list all the sheets, charts, tables, and named ranges. You can double-click an entry to navigate to it, or you can scroll through the items, and then click the Go to selected item button.
  • Address: Will list the range address of the selected item. If the item is a chart on a sheet, the range at the top left corner of the chart is displayed in this field. If the item is a named range that refers to an invalid range, then the address text is shown in red. (For example, this can happen with a workbook level Named Range that refers to a range on a sheet that has been deleted.)
  • Refresh: Refreshes the content of the Xplorer pane. A manual refresh is required if you open or close workbooks, add or delete sheets, named ranges, tables, or charts.

Unnavigable Items

If an item is hidden, or on a worksheet that is hidden, the Xplorer cannot navigate to it.  Likewise, if a Named Range refers to an invalid address, then it cannot be navigated to.