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Excel Number Operations

Spreadspeed offers the following tools to perform numeric operations on a range of cells.

Fill Range with Random Numbers

The Fill Random Values tool can fill a selected range with random numbers using either a uniform or normal distribution, with options to set the minimum value, maximum value, and the numbers of digits of precision. Note: The normal (Guassian) distribution values are generated using a Box-Muller algorithm.

Fill Random Values Screenshot

Fill Random Values

Change Numeric Values in Place Using Math Operations

This tool lets you perform a variety of mathemical operations on a selected range, updating the values in place.

Available Math Operations
Absolute value Floor Round
Acos Inverse Sin
Add Log Sinh
Asin Log10 Sqrt
Atan Max Subtract
Ceiling Min Tan
Cos Modulo Tanh
Cosh Multiply Toggle Sign
Divide Negative Value Truncate
Exp Pow
Change Numeric Values Screenshot

The image below shows the Change Numeric Values dialog. After selecting a Function, the description field is updated to describe the operation and, if required, the Parameter field is enabled and re-labeled with the parameter name.

Math Operations Tool

Other Numeric Operations

Text Operations | Numeric Operations | Date Operations