FlowBreeze Change Log

Release History

Version 5.3.615

  • Fixed: Bug in Org Chart Wizard caused improper nesting and layout.
  • Added: Connectors can now be routed to and from Pictures in the Add Connectors task pane.
  • Added: Connectors can now be routed from multiple shapes to a single shape -- or -- from a single shape to multiple shapes via the Add Connectors task pane.
  • Added: FindReplaceTextInShapes and UndoFindReplaceTextInShapes functions can now be called from VBA.
  • Improved: Auto-scaling for high DPI monitors.

Version 5.2.215

  • Upgraded licensing system. Note: this change does not affect existing users and is not a reason to update from the previous minor release.

Version 5.0.703

  • Added: Org Chart Wizard and Org Chart Entry Template.
  • Upgraded Add-in Express library to support the latest version of Excel.
  • Fixed: Text could not be typed into fields in task panes (affected Windows 10 release 1903 users only).

Version 4.8.1016

  • Security: Updated Authenticode code signing certificate.
  • Fixed: Bug in license registration system that certain valid license keys to fail.

Version 4.8.930

  • Added: Option in the Settings form to load task panes as floating windows to remedy the known issue listed below.
  • Known Issue: On some Windows 10 systems, form controls do not load in task panes (Add Shapes, Add Connectors, and VSM Symbols).

Version 4.7.815

  • Added: Flowchart Wizard option to save wizard settings.
  • Fixed: Bug in Flowchart Wizard that caused the last entry not to add any connectors specified using advanced parsing syntax.

Version 4.6.219

  • Improved: Code refactored for better runtime performance.

Version 4.5.605

  • Changed parsing error notification for Flowchart Wizard

Version 4.5.422

  • Added shape with background picture to Add Shapes task pane.
  • Improved column label entry usability in Template Generator.
  • Fixed bug in Flowchart Wizard where deleting a connector would disable the delete button for all other connectors.
  • Updated license agreement.

Version 4.4.328

  • Fixed bug that caused calls to FlowBreeze from VBA to fail.

Version 4.3.1202

  • Fixed bug not allowing you to change the symbol type in the Flowchart Editor.

Version 4.3.1111

  • Changed: The Add Connectors task pane no longer automatically ungroups all shapes when loaded. Instead, the upgrouping option is avaible via a button.
  • Added: Snap-to-grid and snap-to-shapes are now optional when starting an interactive flowcharting session.

Version 4.3.1101

  • Updated: Updated the Add-in Express library that acts as an interface between FlowBreeze and Excel.
  • Changed: Code modified to reduce the amount of memory used at startup.

Version 4.2.122

  • Added: Option to link shape text to input cells in Flowchart Wizard.
  • Added: Option to add default branch labels if they are not specified in the input text of the Flowchart Wizard.
  • Fixed: Bug in Excel 2013 and 2016 grid creation that caused the grid size to be non-square.
  • Fixed: Bug in Group All Shapes where labels were omitted.
  • Changed: Z-order of branch labels to always be on top of other shapes.
  • Changed: The default background of branch labels was transparent. It has been changed to a solid fill white background.
  • Changed: The help menu has been reorganized.

Version 4.1.1016

  • Modified: Code dependent on shape names (Excel allows multiple shapes to have the same name).
  • Fixed: Bug in Find / Replace text in shapes.
  • Fixed: Several minor issues with installer.

Version 4.1.924

  • Added: Registers BreezeTree digital certificate in user's Trusted Publishers store.

Version 4.1.831

  • Fixed: Minor bug in setup file.

Version 4.1.828

  • Added: Find / replace text in shapes feature.
  • Updated: Combined 32-bit and 64-bit versions into a single setup.

Version 4.0

  • Upgrade: Added support for Excel 2016.

Version 3.18.806

  • Fixed: In the Flowchart Wizard, when the Change Symbol or Change Style button was clicked, the sub-form would open behind the main Flowchart Wizard form.

Version 3.18.723

  • Fixed: Invalid Entry message for the Worksheet Cell field triggered when loading a template from the Start Flowchart form.
  • Fixed: When selecting ranges, the RefEdit dialog would someitimes display a column selection instead of a single cell selection.

Version 3.18.707

  • Fixed: Flowchart Wizard bug that added an extraneous connector to the next entry when user-specified syntax did not call for one.

Version 3.18.627

  • Updated: Custom arrow styling options in Add Connectors now applied to free-floating connectors.
  • Updated: Line styles are based on Excel version.
  • Improved: Style matching in Flowchart Editor.
  • Changed: Default line style is thin (was medium for Excel 2010 and below).
  • Changed: Set the z-index of the Flowchart Wizard form to top most after selecting range.

Version 3.16.227

  • Modified: When using the advanced parsing syntax, the Flowchart Wizard entry ID numbers now match the user specified ID's, otherwise ID numbers will be autogenerated.
  • Modified: The Flowchart Wizard dialog is now non-modal, meaning that you can select and scroll through the worksheet while the dialog is open.
  • Fixed: When running the Apply Parsing Syntax on text within a template, the columns were resized, which altered the template width.
  • Fixed: When running the Apply Parsing Syntax, a connection was added to a non-existent entry. For example, if there are 10 entries, then entry ID 10 will have a connection specified for a phantom entry ID 11.

Version 3.16.212

  • Added: Flowchart Wizard options to improve working with templates when using the wizard.

Version 3.16.202

  • Maintenance release to update copyright information and correct miscellaneous issues in the help file.

Version 3.15.1118

  • Fixed: Bug introduced in version 3.15.1102 where all calls to The Flowchart Wizard's Apply Parsing Syntax function called the Transpose Columns function.

Version 3.15.1102

  • Added: FlowBreeze functions can now be called from VBA. Please see the help file for VBA sample code and available function calls.
  • Updated: Add-in Express library (Add-in Express is third party software that acts an as interface between our code and Excel.)

Version 3.14.1016

  • Changed: Modified Authenticode certification installation settings in the installer (if you've already installed 3.14.915 successfully, this change would not impact you).

Version 3.14.915

  • Changed: Quick Styles for setting line widths do not change lines of shapes and text boxeswith non-visible borders.
  • Added: Extract Text from shapes tool allows for text extraction from Freeform shapes (Excel 2007 and later versions only).

Version 3.14.727

  • Added: Quick Styles for changing line and shape styles in a single click.

Version 3.12.620

  • Added: Allow text to overflow shape borders. Only applies to users running Excel 2010 or newer versions.

Version 3.12.616

  • Added: Option to load templates in new workbook vs. new worksheet in current workbook
  • Fixed: Interactive flowcharting no longer overwrites existing page orientation and paper size settings.
  • Fixed: Bug where On-Page and Off Page Connector nodes were generated even if these options were disabled in the Settings.
  • Updated: Ribbon icons for the Template menu items.

Version 3.12.512

  • Fixed: Whitespace padding around images and several minor bugs in the image export tools.

Version 3.12.507

  • Fixed: Loading problem for the task panes (side panels for Add Symbols, Add Connectors, and Add VSM Symbols). If any task pane was opened and closed, they would appear again when opening a another workbook. Now, they only open for the active workbook.

Version 3.12.424

  • Fixed: If both Spreadspeed and FlowBreeze were installed, and then one add-in was uninstalled, the BreezeTree code signing certificate was uninstalled. Because the same certificate is used by both add-ins, this caused a security prompt to occur for the remaining add-in.

Version 3.12.423

  • Fixed: The Branch Label transparanecy was not being properly applied in all cases.
  • Changed: For consistency, the Label formatiing settings on the Decisions tab of the Settings form are now aplied to all labels.

Version 3.12.404

  • Fixed: Connector formatting when adding a free-floating connector with non-default styling.

Version 3.12.320

  • Changed: Redesigned the Insert Connectors task pane, and moved the Crossover tool from the ribbon to the task pane.
  • Fixed: License key and settings file retention when upgrading from an older release of version 3.
  • Updated: FlowBreeze help file.

Version 3.10.131

  • Improved: Automated location and rotation adjustments and formatting of crossovers.
  • Fixed: Elbow connector routing when using the autodetect connector type option in the Add Connectors task pane.

Version 3.10.130

  • Added: Insert Crossover tool for connectors.
  • Added: Autodetect connector type option in the Add Connectors task pane.

Version 3.10.129

  • Added: Option to add a connector arrow to / from a cell in the Add Connectors task pane.
  • Added: Option to add free-floating connector arrows in the Add Connectors task pane.
  • Fixed: Line color formatting bug in Excel 2013.

Version 3.9.119

  • Fixed: FlowBreeze digital signature.

Version 3.7.920

  • Fixed: Two bugs in the Flowchart Wizard that caused (a) text to be converted to all caps in some cases, and (b) default connectors to be added even when overridden by advanced parsing syntax.

Version 3.6.724

  • Updated: Integrated authenticode certificate into installer.

Version 3.6.717

  • Upgraded: Now targets the .Net 4.0 framework.
  • Updated: Line and shape styles for Excel 2013 users.
  • Fixed: Error thrown by Settings form upon closing.
  • Fixed: Edits to the last entry of the Flowchart Wizard are now properly captured.


  • Added: Link syntax to Flowchart Wizard for adding hyperlinks to shapes.
  • Fixed: Error caused when an interactive flowcharting session is interruped. The error occurred when the session was started by clicking the Start Flowcharting button, and then the Excel file was closed or the active worksheet was deleted without first clicking the Stop Flowcharting button.


  • Patched: Updated Add-in Express libraries, which fixed an issue with the task panes re-opening after Excel is minimized and restored.


  • Added: Export active symbol list tool which outputs all the symbols, with their prefixes and keywords, to a new workbook.
  • Fixed: Label positioning for Branch Insert tool.
  • Removed: Option for administrators to disable FlowBreeze ribbon items due to issues it caused with load times.


  • Fixed: Image export edge padding bug.


  • Improved: Performance of large data sets when copying and pasting during interactive flowcharting.


  • Added: Image area maps (hyperlink regions) for HTML image export.
  • Improved: Reduced memory usage for forms containing many symbol images.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused the connector task pane to not load again after being closed.


  • Updated installer, configuration files, and other minor changes.


  • Fixed: Flowchart Wizard layout issues.
  • Improved: Flowchart Wizard connector routing for non-adjacent shapes.
  • Improved: Input validation for various form elements.


  • Added: Borderless option for solid-fill styles to Flowchart Editor and Add Shapes task pane.
  • Added: Formatting option for template outlines to Flowchart Editor.
  • Modified: Configuration settings that affected some installations.


  • Improved: Connector routing algorithms.
  • Modified: Template loading checks for Excel 2000-2003 xlt templates in newer versions of Excel.


  • Added: New feature to link shape text to cell content when using the Extract Text tool.
  • Updated: Loader library (FlowBreeze <=> Excel interface).
  • Modified: Added padding to top and left edges for Flowchart Wizard output.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Modified: Excel 2013 compatibility updates.


  • Fixed: Errors in Excel 2000-2003 connector functions, insert group box, and image export.
  • Modified: Error handling for numerous edge cases.


  • Fixed: Minor bugs in Flowchart Editor.


  • Added: Option to set default shape as rounded rectangle or squared rectangle.
  • Added: keyword option to create shape only when entry is an exact match by placing an equals sign (=) in front of keyword in the Settings screen.
  • Added: Option for administrators to disable FlowBreeze ribbon items.


  • Updated: Installer changed from straight Windows installer (MSI) to bootstrap setup file (EXE).
  • Fixed: Add Shapes error that occured when selecting the Textbox symbol.
  • Fixed: Error handling when template files are saved to an invalid path.
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs.


  • Added: Support for Excel 2013.
  • Added: Drag and drop positioning for Add Shapes, Add Connectors, and Value Stream Mapping task panes to allow positioning on the left or right side of the spreadsheet.
  • Modified: Refined layout of dialogs and task panes to accomodate large fonts (120 and 144 DPI).
  • Fixed: Several minor bug fixes.


  • Added: Option to override default style and font settings in Add Shapes task pane.
  • Modified: Updating font and line style is optional in Flowchart Editor.
  • Modified: Any changes made to Settings are reflected immediately in Add Shapes and Add Connectors task panes upon save.
  • Fixed: From Shape and To Shape lists on Add Connectors are cleared on refresh if no shapes present on worksheet.


  • Update for Excel 2000 - 2003: Fixed bugs that affected shape selection. Beyond the selection and grouping functions, this code impacted many other areas of the program.
  • Fixed: Numerous layout issues for large fonts (i.e. system display set to 120 DPI or above).


  • Fixed: Several minor bug fixes.


  • Added: Text selection dialog and filtering dialog to Extract Text tool.


  • Added: Value Stream Mapping Template Generator added options to generate Process Symbols, Data Tables, and Timelines in template.
  • Added: Pre-selection of Add Connectors shapes. Clicking a shape, holding Shift and clicking the second shape will select the shapes when opening Add Connectors or hitting the Refresh button.
  • Improved: Value Stream Mapping arrow angle selector snaps to 45 degree increments on click, and 5 degree increments on drag.
  • Improved: Changed selected item highlighting in Add Connectors task pane.
  • Improved: Changed text field in Add Shapes task pane to multi-line.
  • Improved: Changed add Connectors layout to fit better for smaller screen resolutions.
  • Modified: OnPage Connector, OffPage Connector, Summing Junction, Or, Collate, and Sort symbols are no longer changed by the bulk Edit Dimensions tool since these shapes are typically small and proportional.
  • Modified: Template loader no longer turns on snap to grid and displays page breaks.
  • Fixed: Error that occurred when loading a template while no workbooks are open.
  • Fixed: When a template is designed using paper size not supported by your default printer, the Template Generator displays a message instead of throwing an error.
  • Fixed: VSM Timeline Total border settings.
  • Fixed: Template outline shapes, flowchart key shapes, labels, and comment boxes are no longer included in Add Connectors shape lists.
  • Fixed: Error in Select All that caused no shapes to be selected in Excel 2000 - 2003.


  • Added: Value Stream Mapping. A VSM Symbols task was added that allows you to add are now available in the VSM Symbols
  • Added: Value Stream Mapping Template Generator - create VSM templates with title block and preset elements.
  • Moved: The Add Label tool was removed from the FlowBreeze ribbon. Labels (borderless text boxes) are now listed under Flowchart Shapes in the Add Shapes task pane.
  • Added: Option to hide gridlines in Grid templates created with generator.
  • Improved: Algorithm for automatic routing of connector lines.
  • Improved: Reduced the amount of time the Template Generator takes to create the template.
  • Improved: Fine tuned initialization routines to reduce add-in load time.
  • Fixed: Browse for folder in Template Generator.
  • Fixed: Page setup error when a paper size not supported by user's printer was selected.
  • Fixed: Extract Text error.
  • Fixed: Error raised when Excel closed while interactive flowcharting in session.
  • Fixed: Duplicated shape name error in Add Shapes and Add Connectors


  • Added: Range input selection for Flowchart Wizard.
  • Improved: Internal margins for non-rectangular shapes (i.e., more text fits within same footprint).
  • Fixed: Timestamp missing from for Authenticode digital signature.
  • Updated help file.


  • Added: Settings Import / Export for backup and standardizing settings between different computers / users.
  • Added: Symbol List editor to allow user to specify the actively used set of symbols.
  • Added: Preset swim lane titles to Template Generator.
  • Added: Special SIPOC layout to Template Generator.
  • Modified: Error when loading an Excel 2007 / 2010 template while in Excel 2000-2003 compatibility mode now displays file type compatibility warning.
  • Fixed: Add Shapes and Add Connectors task panes are reinitialized after closing and opening.
  • Fixed: The last shape was kept in memory after flowcharting stopped.
  • Fixed: When symbol is changed in the Flowchart editor, the UI was not updating properly.
  • Fixed: Inserting rows or columns during interactive flowcharting caused major slow down.
  • Fixed: Startup error due to task pane initialization.
  • Fixed: Error when loading a template when no workbooks are open.
  • Fixed: Non-scrollable panel issue in Add Connectors task pane.


  • Added special printing option for Flowchart images.
  • Added sorting options for shape selection fields.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed loading error due to Windows Culture settings.


  • Changed add-in initialization sequence to reduce load operations.
  • Modified Add Shapes error handling.


  • Fixed bug that occurred when using Export as Picture to capture a range (with no shapes).
  • Fixed bug that occurred when pasting a range of cells during interactive flowcharting. 'System.Object[,]' appeared in generated shapes instead of text.
  • Added file locations for templates folder, image folder, and FlowBreeze event log are configuration through Help > File Locations.
  • Change: If FlowBreeze cannot capture images in the Export as Picture and Export as HTML functions, FlowBreeze will yield additional time to the operating system with each re-try, giving the system more time to process the image.


  • Fixed Symbol Key "Object reference is null" bug.
  • Set current cell selection as the default range for the Symbol Key location.
  • Fixed title of Insert Branches range prompt to match context.
  • Added FlowBreeze version to event log.


  • Fixed several significant issues with license key registration.
  • Changed settings file storage from Excel file to xml files (eliminates screen change during certain operations).
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Added support for 64-bit versions of Excel.
  • Improved Flowchart Wizard connector routing algorithm.
  • Added parsed syntax auto-detection to Flowchart Wizard.
  • Simplified Flowchart Wizard parsing syntax.
  • Added ability to overwrite existing worksheet to Flowchart Wizard.
  • Added logo insertion to Template Generator.
  • Added preset header and footer layouts to Template Generator.
  • Modified Template Generator to persist settings between uses.
  • Simplified layout and filtering of Shape Selection Tool.
  • Added user shape spacing to Settings.
  • Added bulk shape dimension editing in Settings.
  • Added Split Connector tool to split a connection between two shapes into two labeled connector nodes.
  • Added Export to Web Page (HTML) tool.
  • Added Shapes task pane to create shapes by clicking or typing.
  • Added Connectors task pane to simply connector additions.
  • Added Straighten Connectors tools to fix jagged lines in Excel 2007 / 2010.
  • Prerequisite: The .NET 2.0 framework is now a prerequisite for running FlowBreeze.