Add Connectors

The Add Connectors dialog will let you add one or more flow line connectors between shapes. The settings are based on the configuration set in the Settings window. Opening the Add Connector tool can be done in two ways:

  • Click Add Connector on the FlowBreeze toolbar.
  • Type "FL" during a flowcharting session.


Select the respective texts for the "From Shape" and the "To Shape" that you want to route the flow line connector between, then click the "Add Connector" button. Alternately, you can click on the first shape, hold the SHIFT key and click on the second shape, then click the Refresh button - the two shapes will be selected in the corresponding lists.


Most of the settings are self-explanatory (hopefully), but there are two worth commenting on:

  • Auto-detect (connection sides): If selected, FlowBreeze will try to determine the best route for the flow line connector. However, there may be occasions that the routing isn't optimal. If this happens, click on the connector, then drag one endpoint to the new connections side. For elbow and curved connectors, a yellow diamond "adjustment handle" will appear when the line is selected. The handle can be clicked and dragged to adjust the routing as well.


  • Straight, elbow, and curved line styles: If the connection is a straight line between the shapes, FlowBreeze will force the connector type to straight even if you selected elbow or curved.



Adding Multiple Connectors

To add multiple connectors, just change the "From shape" and "To shape" selections and click "Add connector" again.


  • Press x in the upper right of the panel to close it.
  • Press « in the upper right to collapse the panel to the left edge of Excel.
  • Not shown in picture below: you can sort the listings alphabetically, by column, or by row.