Add Shapes

Clicking Add Shapes on the toolbar will open the Add Shapes dialog. The symbol style and font formatting is based on the configuration set in the Settings window.


  1. Select the cell where the symbol is to be placed.
  2. Click on the symbol type from the gallery.
  3. Type the text to appear in the symbol.
  4. Click the "Add Shape" button.


  • Instead of clicking the "Add Shape" button, you can press Enter after typing the text.
  • You can double-click on a symbol image to add the shape. If the Text field is empty, a blank shape is added.


  • Auto-detect shape type: If checked, as you type the entry in the Text field, FlowBreeze will select the shape type from the gallery above. Supports Keywords and Prefixes.
  • Add connector from previous shape: If checked, will add a flow line connector from the last shape added (if one exists and can be detected).
  • Override default styles: When checked, you can customize the shape style and font.




  • Each symbol section is collapsible.
  • Press x in the upper right of the panel to close it.
  • Press « in the upper right to collapse the panel to the left edge of Excel.