Calling FlowBreeze from VBA

Many FlowBreeze features can be called from VBA. Below is VBA sample that shows how to get a reference to the FlowBreeze add-in and make a simple function call.

Sample VBA


Sub RunFlowBreezeOperation()


    Dim addin As COMAddIn

    Dim flowbreeze As Object


    Set addin = GetFlowBreezeAddin()

    If Not addin Is Nothing Then

        Set flowbreeze = addin.Object


    End If


End Sub



Function GetFlowBreezeAddin() As Object


    Dim addin As COMAddIn


    For Each addin In Application.COMAddIns

        If addin.Description = "FlowBreeze4" Then

            Set GetFlowBreezeAddin = addin

            Exit Function

        End If


    Set GetFlowBreezeAddin = Nothing


End Function


FlowBreeze Function List (ordered by ribbon appearance)

Important: The FlowBreeze function names have changed in FlowBreeze version 4. The function names are no longer prefixed with "FB_".

Flowcharting Group

Insert Group

Edit Group

Layout Group

Select Group

Connectors Group

Tools Group