Change Symbol Styles

Method 1 - Flowchart Editor

See the Flowchart Editor section for more details.


Method 2 - Apply Default Styles

Use the Apply Styles tool if you want to apply the default style as listed in the settings dialog.

Method 3 - Format Painter

If a symbol (or flow line) exists on the worksheet having the style you want, then:

  1. Click on the border of symbol whose style you want to copy.
  2. Click the Format Painter button cbb-format-painter.
  3. Click on the target symbol, and the style will be applied.

Method 4 - Manual Formatting

Note: FlowBreeze cannot support custom formatting when creating new shapes or using the Flowchart Editor.

  1. Click on the symbol to select it.
  2. Click on the tab labeled "Format" that appears on the ribbon.
  3. In the "Shape Styles" section, there is a clickable gallery of fill styles.

If you prefer a custom fill color, try this:

  1. Right-click on the symbol and select "Format Shape".
  2. On the Format Shape dialog, select "Fill" from the left column.
  3. Click the "Color" dropdown to select a new fill color.
  4. Click "Close".

Note: If you click on the center of a symbol, you will usually select the text instead of the symbol itself, which is why clicking the border is recommended.