Accessible from the Add Connectors, this tool inserts a crossover "bump" in a connector line to distinguish between intersecting lines. To use this tool, you must first select the connector before clicking the button.

Important Note

The Crossover tool was designed to overcome a shortcoming in the native Excel lines, which do not have a built-in crossover functionality. However, the Crossover tool should be used mainly for short, straight lines that intersect another line. If used with long lines or elbow connectors, the routing to and from the crossover bump may take irregular form. In most cases, the Split Connector tool should be used instead for cleaner routing and better readability.

Form Inputs

  • Crossover cell: FlowBreeze will try to guess where the bump should go, but you may need to change the location to match the location of the intersecting line.
  • Automatically adjust alignment: If checked, FlowBreeze will try to align the crossover.
  • Crossover orientation: Indicates whether the crossover should be horizontally or vertically rotated.