Export to Web Page

The Export as Web Page tool will take a snap shot of the flowchart on the current worksheet and save it to an HTML file. The tool can also be used to take a snap shot of a range of cells, but it will be as an image of the worksheet, not text.

Select Image

  • Image source: Select either shapes or worksheet content.
  • Range: If you selected "Flowchart and sheet", then this field will allow you to select the image by clicking the "Select ..." button.
  • Thumbnail: With this option checked, the web page will contain a thumbnail linking to the larger image. You can specify the height and width of the thumbnail below. Changing one dimension will change the other proportionally.



HTML Properties

  • HTML file name: The name of the HTML file and the file extension. You can select the file extension from the dropdown or type in an unlisted one.
  • Image file name: The name of the image file itself.
  • Folder: The folder where the HTML file is to be saved.
  • Save flowchart image in a separate folder: One many sites, the images are stored in a separate folder from the web pages. Checking this allows to set the image folder path.
  • Page title: The <title> element of the HTML page.
  • Heading: The <h1> element of the HTML page.
  • Image alt text: The alt tag of the <img> element.
  • Description: Any text you want to appear in a paragraph below the flowchart image.
  • Open file in browser: If checked the file will be opened after it is created. FlowBreeze only supports opening standard HTML files locally. If you enter a different file type, such as php or aspx, the file will be saved but not be opened.