Flowchart Editor

The Flowchart Editor lets you make changes to an existing flowchart. It loads all the symbols on the sheet and displays them as shown in the picture below. When you select an  entry from the list, you can change the text, the symbol type, or the style. The Symbol and Style columns are clickable drop downs.


  • Selected Item group: This area allows you to change the symbol and the style for the selected entry.
  • Update font: Unchecking this will apply any the other edits but not change the font within the shapes.
  • Autosize symbols: If checked, any symbol with modified text or font will be resized to fit the text. Note that if the font is enlarged or the text length is longer than the original, you may need to move shapes around in the flowchart afterward to adjust for the new sizing.
  • Update line style: If checked, the line style from the available dropdown list will be applied to all shapes.
  • Remove line shadow: The built-in styles in Excel look good on screen, but often appear fuzzy when printed or exported to image files. This option remove the shadow from all lines, giving a cleaner look to the flowchart.
  • Include template lines: When updating line styles, if checked this will force the template swim lane outlines to match the connector line styles.
  • Remove borders from solid-fill shapes: There are two groups of styles available for shapes - Themed and Solid Fill. If this option is checked, the borders will be removed from all the shapes with solid-fill styles.