Work with Grouped Symbols

Excel allows you to Group shapes together so that they can be treated as a single shape. This lets you select the grouped items as one item and move, copy, or delete it more easily. It also protects the layout of a set of shapes, since it fixes the grouped items in place.

Group menu functions

  • Group: Allows you manipulate a set of shapes as a single shape. To group a set of symbols, first you need to select the symbols, then apply the Group function.
  • Ungroup: Ungroups the shapes so they can be individually moved, edited, or deleted.
  • Regroup: If a shape had previously been in a group that was later ungrouped, you can Regroup the entire set of shapes by clicking on a single one and applying the Regroup function.
  • Group All Shapes: Groups all the shapes on the sheet in a single click.
  • Ungroup All Shapes: Ungroups all the shapes on the sheet in a single click.

Group, Ungroup, and Regroup are built-in Excel features. Group All Shapes and Ungroup All Shapes are features added by FlowBreeze.