Insert a Label

FlowBreeze allows two ways to insert labels and text boxes on the drawing. Text boxes are useful for adding comments to flow lines to indicate the logic behind the flow direction. The most common occurrence is for branches coming out of Decision symbols. There are several reasons why labels should be placed into TextBoxes instead of directly on the worksheet:

  • Labels in TextBoxes can be copied to Word or PowerPoint
  • Labels in TextBoxes can be selected and moved around the drawing like other shapes.
  • The automatic formatting tools will apply styles to labels in TextBoxes.

Method 1 - Prefix w/ Label

If you are in flowcharting mode, typing "LBL" followed by the prefix delimiter and the label contents will add the label. That sounds more complex than it is, so here's an example:

lbl:Option 1

Will add a TextBox containing the phrase "Option 1" at the cell location where you entered it. The "lbl" portion is not case sensitive, so it can be "lbl" or "LBL". The ":" is the default prefix delimiter. If you have FlowBreeze Standard Edition, you may change the prefix delimiter and the label font on the General tab of the Settings window.


Method 2 - Prefix Only

Like the previous method, you can type "LBL" (without the quotes / not case sensitive) to add a label. Because no text appears after "LBL", it will prompt for the label text with a simple Add Label dialog. Just type the label text and hit the Enter key (or click OK.) FlowBreeze will add the label to the current cell.

Method 3 - via Add Symbols dialog

The standard Excel text box can be added by using the Add Symbols dialog. The text box item is located in the Flowchart shapes group.