Org Chart Wizard

The Org Chart Wizard generates an organizational chart, using the Microsoft Office SmartArt, from a list of names and titles.

Input Source

The input can be entered into a spreadsheet using the Org Chart Entry Table or imported from an external source, such as a database.

Org Chart Entry Table:
The entry table template can be loaded from the FlowBreeze ribbon tab, via the Flowchart Wizard > Load Org Chart Entry Table menu item.
External Source:
If you generate the entries from an external source, the only requirement is that the column orders match the order shown in the Input Source Columns section below. The column titles are ignored and the Org Chart Wizard reads the entries starting at row 2.

Input Source Columns

A unique identifier for the person, such as an employee ID.
Parent Id: The Id of the person that the current entry reports to. For the top-level entry (e.g., CEO), the Parent Id should be left blank or set to 0.
The employee's name.
(See Note below) The employee's job title.
Is Assistant?:
(Optional) Indicates whether the employee is in a role outside the normal hierarchy (e.g., a liaison). Input values accepted as true are: TRUE, T, YES, Y, X, or 1. Inputs are not case sensitive. All other inputs and blanks are treated as FALSE.

Note: The Org Chart wizard reads the Name and Title columns and combines them into a single value separated by a hard line break. You can have entries with Names and / or Titles. It will continue reading the input sheet until both values are empty.

Input Validation

No entries found:
The current worksheet does not contain a valid list of Org Chart entries.
Duplicate Id:
An entry has the same Id as another entry. Each Id must be unique.
Invalid Parent Id:
An entry contains a Parent Id that doesn't exist in the list of Id's.
Multiple root elements:
The root (top-level) entry is identified by having its Parent Id left blank or set to 0. The Org Chart wizard requires that there is only one top-level entry in the hierarchy. Having more than one entry with a blank or 0 Parent Id will throw an error.
No root element:
There must be one top-level item with a Parent Id left blank or set to 0.

Editing and Styling

You can click on the Org Chart, and Excel will display the SmartArt Tools Design and Format tabs on the ribbon, which allow access to the built-in editing and styling tools.

You can move the diagram by clicking and dragging the edge of the diagram container.

You can resize the diagram by clicking and dragging the little square handles on the edges or corners of the diagram container. The text within the org chart entries will scale automatically.

The majority of FlowBreeze's tools are designed to work with standard Office Shapes (also called AutoShapes) that are used for the flowcharts, and they do not interoperate with the SmartArt shapes used for Org Charts.