Settings - Connectors

The Connectors tab of the Settings window has the following sections, which reference the screenshot below.

Flow Line Connector Options

  • Automatically add flow line connectors : FlowBreeze will automatically add flow lines when from the last symbol if this is checked. Also, if you restart flowcharting, or if the new shape is not aligned or adjacent to the last shape, then FlowBreeze will prompt you to select the shape that you want to route a flow line from. If this setting is unchecked, no flow lines are added.
  • Dashed lines in/out of Alternate process shapes: Some processes have alternate paths. To indicate this, you can check this setting to make flow lines routed to or from Alternate process shapes be dashed.


Flow Direction

After you create an entry, FlowBreeze will replace it with a shape, then position the cursor to the next logical place on the sheet. the Flow direction setting determines whether the placement is below the last shape or to the right of the last shape. If you choose "Let FlowBreeze detect direction" it will wait for two consecutive shapes in any direction and place the cursor accordingly.

Line Type for non-adjacent shapes

  • You can select straight, elbow, or curved. When shapes are aligned and adjacent, a straight connector is used.

Connector Format

  • Arrowhead Begin and End: Sets the arrowhead for the beginning and ending of the line.
  • Arrowhead size: Sets the width and length of arrow.
  • Color: Sets the color of the flow line connector arrows.
  • Thickness: Sets the line thickness of the flow line connectors.
  • Remove line shadow: (recommended) Checking this box removes the shadow from the flow lines. Some of the Excel built-in styles feature a shadow on the lines. The shadows look good on screen but often look blurred when printed or when the flowchart is exported to an image file or saved to PDF.

Shape Borders

  • Set shape border thickness to match connector line thickness: