Settings - Decisions

The Decisions tab of the Settings window has the following sections, which reference the screenshot below.

Decision Options

  • Create Decision symbol for entries containing "?": If an entry contains a question mark, checking this option will make FlowBreeze create a Decision symbol.


Branch Label Creation

Decisions are the diamond-shaped symbols used to indicate branches in the process, and the branches usually have labels next to the connectors to indicate the path differences.

  • Automatically add branch labels: Branch labels are added to Decision symbols without prompting.
  • Prompt for branch labels: Every time a Decision symbol is generated, you will be prompted for the branch labels.
  • Don't add branch labels: No branch labels will be added.

Branch Label Position

  • Branch label position: You can choose to have the branch labels centered over the flow line, or offset to the side.

Branch Label Text

  • Branches often have labeled flow line connectors coming out of them - one for each possible decisions. It is considered good flowcharting style to keep the directions consistent, e.g. "Yes" always going down and "No" always going to the right.
  • The top, right, bottom, and left branch label entries are the default labels to add to their respective sides. If you choose the "Automatically add branch labels" option above, these labels will be added. If you choose the "Prompt for branch labels" option above, these values will be pre-filled on the prompt window. If the text box for a side is empty, no label will be added.

Label Formatting

Note: For consistency, the label formats set here apply to all labels created by FlowBreeze, not just branch labels.

  • Transparent background: In case the label edges overlap the connectors, a transparent label background lets the connector line remain visible.
  • Use different font for branch labels: If checked, you can set a different font and color for branch labels.