When you click the Settings button on the toolbar, the FlowBreeze Settings window will open. The first tab allows you to set the properties for the active Symbol List, shown in the picture below.

Symbol List

  • Symbol: A icon of the symbol - cannot be edited in the grid.
  • Style: A small icon of the style set for the symbol - can be changed via the drop down list in the cell or by clicking "Edit styles" (detailed below).
  • Name: This is the name of the symbol that will be displayed when you generate a Symbol Key. Click to edit.
  • Prefix: An abbreviation of the symbol name. Click to edit. Important: keywords must be separated by commas. (See also: Using Keywords and Prefixes).
  • Keywords: Words, that when used in an entry, will generate the symbol. Click to edit. (See also: Using Keywords and Prefixes).
  • Width: The width for the selected symbol. The grid units are based on the default row height in Excel. (See "Edit dimensions" below).
  • Height: The minimum height setting is similar to the width setting. By default, FlowBreeze will auto-size the height of the symbol to fit the text. (See "Edit dimensions" below).

Other controls on this tab

  • Move Up / Move Down buttons: FlowBreeze will check your flowchart text entry against the keywords in the list. The keywords are evaluated in the same order as the symbols in the list, so if a text entry has keywords matching two or more symbols, the symbol that appears first in the list will be created.
  • Disable keyword mappings: If checked, keywords will be ignored and entries will generate Process symbols by default.
  • Edit symbol list: Allows you to add or remove symbols from the active list of symbols used in flowcharting.
  • Edit styles: Opens the Symbol Styles window for bulk style changes to one or more symbols.
  • Edit dimensions: Opens the Set Symbol Dimensions window. The dimensions set in this dialog will affect all symbols.