Toolbar Overview

Because FlowBreeze is an Excel add-in, the FlowBreeze features are accessible via a ribbon tab in Excel, as shown below. (Image is too wide to display on mobile devices.)

FlowBreeze Ribbon

FlowBreeze Ribbon

Feature Descriptions


  • Start: Starts an interactive flowcharting session.
  • Stop: Stops the interactive flowcharting session. This button is only enabled when a flowcharting session is in progress.


  • Flowchart Settings: Opens the Settings window, allowing you to customize the FlowBreeze flowchart rules and formatting.
  • File Locations: Opens a form that allows you to set the directories for FlowBreeze files.
  • Import / Export Settings: Allows you to import or export settings files for standardization among computers.
  • Export Symbol List: Exports the list of active symbols, along with their prefixes and keywords, to a new workbook.


  • Flowchart Wizard: Scans the worksheet for text and loads it into the Flowchart Wizard to convert into a flowchart.
  • Transpose Columns to Rows: Converts a vertical columns into horizontal rows for left to right flowcharts.
  • Apply Parsing Syntax: Adds entry ID numbers, connector IDs, and branch label syntax to each entry.




  • Add Shapes: Opens the Adds Shapes dialog to add a shape to the worksheet.
  • Add Connectors: Opens the Add Connectors dialog to insert one or more formatted connectors between flowchart shapes.
  • VSM Symbols: Opens the Value Stream Mapping dialog.
  • Branch: Inserts a branch structure (like an organization chart).
  • Group Box: Inserts a background shape to label and encompass a set of related shapes..
  • Decision Blocks: Opens the decision blocks tool, allowing you


  • Quick Styles: Options to set color and lines styles in a single click.
  • Edit Flowchart: Opens the flowchart editor, which allows you to change shape types, content, and formatting.
  • Style Gallery: A gallery of built-in shape formatting styles.


  • Layout:
    • Re-Align Shapes: Corrects any slightly jagged connector lines.
    • Align or Distribute: Align or adjust the spacing between multiple shapes.
    • Order: If shapes overlap, you can use the Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring Forward, and Send Backward. to set how their are layered.
    • Rotate: Change the orientation of a shape.
  • Grid:
    • Snap to Shape: Snaps a symbol to the edge of another flowchart symbol.
    • Create a Grid: Changes the column width to match the row height, creating a grid.
    • View Gridlines: Shows or hides the gridlines on the sheet gridlines.
    • Clear Shading: Clears any cell shading on the worksheet.
  • Snap to Grid: Snaps the flowchart symbols to the worksheet gridlines.


  • Group Shapes:
    • Group: Creates one shape out of many.
    • Ungroup: Splits the grouped shape back into its constituent parts.
    • Regroup: If a set of shapes has been grouped then ungrouped, they may be regrouped by selecting a single shape and clicking this function.
    • Group All Shapes: In one click it will select all the shapes and group then together into a single object.
    • Ungroup All Shapes: In one click it will ungroup any grouped shapes on the sheet.
  • Select Shapes:
    • Select All: Selects all the shapes on the page.
    • Selection Tool: Opens the Shape Selection tool.
    • Symbols: Selects only the flowchart symbols on the page (i.e., no connectors, no labels, etc.).
    • Connectors: Selects only the flow line connectors on the page.
    • Labels: Selects only the labels on the page.
  • Select Objects (white arrow): Clicking it toggles a special mouse cursor that allows you to select shapes.


  • Straighten: Converts any elbow connector that is jagged to a straight connector
  • Split: Replaces a connector with two labeled connector nodes.
  • Crossover: Insert a crossover "bump" into the selected connector.


  • Symbol Key: Generates a symbol key (shape legend), listing all the symbols used in your flowchart.
  • Extract Text: Iterates through the flowchart symbols, extracting the text and creating a list of the process steps.
  • Hyperlink: Add a hyperlink from a shape to another part of the flowchart, to another document, or to a URL.


  • Open Help File: Opens the local version of this help file.
  • View Event Log: Opens the event log viewer to see any errors or events that FlowBreeze has logged.
  • Contact Support: Opens your email client to send a support ticket.
  • Register FlowBreeze: Opens the registration form to enter your license key.
  • Check for Updates: Opens your web browser to the updates page to check if there is a new version available for download.
  • About: Shows the current version of the software.