FlowBreeze Feature Spotlight:

Value Stream Mapping Tools

FlowBreeze makes it easy to create Value Stream Maps to model the material and information flow through a process. Excel is a perfect environment for creating value stream maps because it allows you to summarize and analyze the process metrics in the same environment that you create the diagram. Plus, Excel is an environment that many people are already familiar with.

FlowBreeze offers two tools that make creating value stream maps a snap:

  • Value Stream Mapping Template Generator: Kickstart VSM diagrams pre-loaded with common symbols.
  • VSM Symbols Task Pane: Click-to-add symbols via a handy Excel side panel.
Simple Present State VSM Sample

Simple Present State VSM Sample

Value Stream Mapping Template Generator

Much like the FlowBreeze template designer for flowcharts, the value stream mapping template generator lets you create re-usable Excel templates to speed up the process of making diagrams. It allows you to create a standard title block (including logo, if needed), and a basic outline of the value stream.

It includes preset Customer, Supplier, and Production Control symbols. Additionally, you can specify how many Process symbols you want, and include a Data Table and Timeline below each Process. And, of course, since they are Excel template files, you can modify the template with additional symbols as needed, so you don't end up reinventing the wheel everytime you need to create a value stream map.

Value Stream Mapping Template Generator Output

Value Stream Mapping Template Example

VSM Symbols Task Pane

The Value Stream Mapping symbols are accessed via the VSM Symbols Task Pane - a panel the opens on the left side of Excel worksheet. You simply select the symbol and click a button and the symbol will be added the worksheet in the cell you have selected. Plus, the task pane has optional data entry fields for many symbol types (e.g. title and text fields for Process symbols) for added convenience.

The image to the right shows a snap shot of how the VSM Symbols Task Pane is used in Excel.

Value Stream Mapping in Excel

Value Stream Mapping Task Pane

Value Stream Mapping Symbols

The listing below shows all the symbols available in the task pane. The symbols are organized in functional groupings - Operations, Inventory, (Material) Movement, and Time / Data.

Operations Symbols

Process - Process
U-Cell - U-Cell
Operator - Operator
Factory (Customer / Supplier) - Factory (Customer / Supplier)
Production Control - Production Control
Schedule - Schedule
Go See - Go See
FIFO lane - FIFO lane
Load Leveling - Load Leveling
Kaizen Burst - Kaizen Burst
Shipment Arrow - Shipment Arrow
Push Arrow - Push Arrow
Manual Information Arrow - Manual Information Arrow
Electronic Information - Electronic Information

Inventory Symbols

Production Kanban - Production Kanban
Batch Production Kanban - Batch Production Kanban
Withdrawal Kanban - Withdrawal Kanban
Batch Withdrawal Kanban - Batch Withdrawal Kanban
Supermarket - Supermarket
Buffer - Buffer
Inventory - Inventory
Signal Kanban - Signal Kanban
Kanban Post - Kanban Post
Physical Pull - Physical Pull
Sequenced Pull - Sequenced Pull
Pull Arrow 1 - Pull Arrow 1
Pull Arrow 2 - Pull Arrow 2
Pull Arrow 3 - Pull Arrow 3
Pull Arrow 4 - Pull Arrow 4

Material Movement Symbols

Truck - Truck
Forklift - Forklift
Airplane - Airplane
Boat - Boat

Timelines and Data Table Formatting

Non Value-Added Time - Non Value-Added Time
Value Added Time - Value Added Time
Timeline Total - Timeline Total
Data Table - Data Table

The Value Stream Mapping tools are just one set of features in FlowBreeze. Download a free trial to start mapping your value streams today.